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Key Company Information:-

  • Guarantee: 15 day return
  • Years in Service: 2 years
  • BBB Rating: A-
  • Location: Delray Beach, FL
  • Phone: (888) 465-3860

Summary is frequently one of the top ranked gold sellers online, and we have them ranked as our #5 overall site as well. With a couple years experience online, they’re still paying more than most other sites and offering longer than normal guarantees.


SellYourGold typically pays in the top 5 among all the gold price competition online. At the time of our research, they paid $12.19 per 14 KT/DWT.


Return guarantees can range from “instant” to 30 days, but most are 10 days or less.‘s 15-day promise gives you a little more peace-of-mind. It lets you take your time and decide if the payment is worth your gold.

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1 OZ Gold coin valued at 1/4 current spot price!

I sent in a one oz American Arts gold coin that is typically sold for similar prices as the American gold eagle. Currently, the spot price of gold is around 1250 and figured I would at least be offered 1150 or so and I wouldn't have to put forth much effort into selling it. I mailed it in and expected a decent offer based on reviews online. Several days later I receive an offer for $389.97. I called them and requested they send my coin back immediately as I found a couple other sites that list their "buy price" at just over 1200. After a few minutes of the guy telling me it was a clerical error he recalculated the value in the mid 800's. The representative said they wouldn't make any money at any higher of a value. The sleazy pawn shop around the corner makes this place look bad. The convenience of mailing in a product clearly leads to people getting ripped off. As president Trump would say they are "bad hombres' and are just terrible." Hopefully my coin makes it back to me as I could see how it could go missing with their shady business.

***The coin made it back in my possession safely*** That is the only positive thing I can say about this company.

by Mark W on Review Gold Buyers
the end result was good

The end result was good, but the negotiating was the only reason. The initial amount offered for 20+ grams of 14k gold, a pile of silver, and 2 small diamonds was 1/3 of what was actually paid. I had to call up and threaten to take my items back just to get a price matching what I was quoted locally. They did go 10% over the quote I received locally. The end result was excellent, just feel like the average seller without research would get duped.

by Deborah on Review Gold Buyers
They Lost some of my jewelry!

Recently I sent off some of my gold and precious stone jewelry to this company to sell some of it. The offer I got was ridiculous and when I called them to say so he immediately up the price. I believe I was talking to the owner and I thought this was very shady. We did however agree to purchase my dented 14kg bangle bracelet for $230, which was satisfactory for me. They returned 4 out of the other 5 items I'd sent in a timely fashion... yes my two 15carat blue topaz stones never arrived and after several vault searches they had lost them! Even with their proclaimed " video" of the whole process, they lost my jewelry! How profoundly unprofessional. I dealt with Michael Zuckerburg, manager and maybe owner. He had not offered me anything for the stones because he said they had no value to them! ( It is really because they do not buy gemstones, of course
they have value, just not to SellYourGold). Needless to say I was livid, and he hemmed and hawed about possible reimbursement for the stones. I told him I was too upset and needed to think about it, and called him back a few days later after cooling off, asking for $200 for these stones and he agreed to that. After all they tell you that you get $1000 of insurance when you send them your jewelry. This all worked out but just want to give a heads up that this is not a very professional operation after all their Hype and endorsements from the Today Show! BEWARE of sending your jewelry to this place, to strangers! It is not worth the stress. I give them ONE star, note, they have a 3 star default rating on here, how shady is that! They won't even let people give TRUE BAD RATINGS!

by Kristine on Review Gold Buyers
Stay away sellyourgold is a scam

This place is a joke !!! They offered me $380 for a $10,000 (retail) wedding set. I called to complain and they up'd the offer to $980. Are you serious ?? Minimum should be $3,000 !! My local pawn shop offered me more then their final offer. Stay away from this place. They're here to just rip you off !!!

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Company NameInsurancePrice for
GuaranteeYear In

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$5000$27.32A+30 Days12 Yrs
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$5000$29.34A20 Days3 Yrs
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$1000$22.12A+10 Day11 yrs
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$100$17.20A+10 Day2 yrs
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$1000$16.75A-15 Day2 yrs
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$1000$17.20A+12 Day19 yrs
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$100$17.00NA10 Day2 yrs
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$100$9.11F10 Day3 yrs
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$100$10.21F10 Day3 yrs
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$100$9.25A+10 Day10 yrs
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